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7 Success Factors

By C. Devin Hastings 


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Small businesses face extremely tough challenges. For example, one person having to do the work of 2, 3 or 4 people just to maintain the business infrastructure. Then, you have to do the actual work that generates income such as seeing clients, selling products and giving seminars.

As I once heard Gerald Kein quip about having your own business: "Having your own business is nice because you get to work half-days. You can even choose which 12 hours you're going to work each day."

The point that all business owners understand is that there is an intense compression of required tasks into a small amount of time. This therefore makes the need for efficiency and effectiveness all the more acute.

Now, most have you reading this are probably well aware of time management programs.

This article is not going to address that particular issue. However, if you need a great program for getting things done fast, I strongly urge you to check out David Allen's program: Getting Things Done…Fast. What an excellent program. It is worth every penny you pay.

What this, and following Marketing Success Tips articles will address however, are many unique ways in which an entrepreneur can more easily concentrate their efforts for maximum results.

Specifically, there are 7 success factors that can make your work easier, more profitable and more beneficial for your client.

Let's first look at a number of questions I have had business clients ask me. I will list the question followed by a brief answer. The answer will then be more fully explained after all the questions have been listed.

Please note that the brief answers are short and sometimes unusual because I want just one point to be brought forth. This way, the longer explanation can hook onto the first point and this makes things easier to remember.

Here we go….

Question: "How can I get (more) clients?"

Brief Answer: Sometimes is not what else can a person do, but what can they stop doing to get more clients.


Question: "Why do I seem to almost get clients but not quite?"

Brief Answer: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." What is not mentioned is that sometimes the teacher is disguised. So, "When the businessperson is ready, the customer will appear but you need to know how to recognize them."


Question: "I know it's not right but sometimes one client's attitude ruin my whole day. What can I do about it?"

Brief Answer: What happens only once but happens all the time? Learn how to change this paradox so that you and your customers benefit instead of suffer.


Question: "I know I'm good enough to do my job very well but I just don't feel confident enough for some reason. How can I deal with this?"

Brief Answer: The small things do make a big difference. In this article you will discover how to change in one, small way so that your fear turns into fun.


Question: "There are just some people I can't seem to communicate with and I know they could be great customers. What can I do to be more persuasive?"

Brief Answer: Someone once said: "I just don't understand my wife. I talk to her all day long and I just don't understand her." What is amazing is that even though the answer to the problem is as obvious as it can get, many simply do not see it and the same problem affects businesspeople as well.


Question: "I have days when I feel like garbage and I have to work. How can I change so that my customers don't pick up on how bad I feel?"

Brief Answer: Sometimes an aspirin will do. Sometimes you need a more unconventional answer. See what you think of this one.


Question: "I'm at the end of my rope trying to help my client. Nothing I do is working. Any suggestions for an effective technique?"

Brief Answer: As Taco Bell says: "Think outside of the bun." There is an answer that even if it doesn't work, it does. You'll see.


Question: "There is so much information out there and I know that to stay ahead of my competition and to do the best job possible for my customers, I need to be able to absorb and use as much knowledge as possible. How do I do it?"

Brief Answer: There are 3 key points here that will make your job so much easier and better.


Question: "I know that customers will not beat a path to my door until they know I have a great product. Advertising is insanely expensive and not always that effective. What else can I do?"

Brief Answer: A thousand words are worth one picture. Learn how to paint powerful pictures that pull customers to your door.

The First of Seven Success Factors

The first question "How can I get (more) clients?" sometimes requires utilizing the principle of effortless effort. Of course there are standard avenues for attracting clients and then, there are non-standard methods. But, remember this maxim: Trying the same over and over again while expecting improved results is a great way to waste money and effort.

So, if what you are doing isn't working, open your mind to other options. As mentioned earlier, sometimes is not what else can a person do, but what can they stop doing to get more clients.

An important point to lock into your mind is this:

1) There are invisible laws always at work in the universe. Even if you are not a meta-physically minded person, it can be seen that there are many unseen forces in our lives. Electricity, light, heat and so on. Consider a seed: Once it's planted then invisible forces go to work turning it into a plant, tree or bush. All it needs are very basic things that help it to transform into much more than what the constituent parts would add up to. Somehow, the sum of the parts is much greater than the whole.

And, what more and more common sense people are realizing is that these forces don't just belong to the obvious things we can see in everyday life.

Haven't you ever had a day when you were just 'on'? When you were on a roll? Didn't everything just seem to work beautifully? And, when you think about it, didn't it seem like no additional effort was required to produce greater than normal results?

What made that day different from all the others? Invisible forces that you harnessed to your benefit.

Have you ever met someone who just seemed magnetic? They just seemed attractive? I'm not talking about physical beauty either. I'm talking about their energy.

Here's their secret:

These successful people have learned how to control and direct the following 4 invisible powers: (1) Attitude. (2) Focus. (3) Inner self-talk. (4) Beliefs.

Allow me to offer the following for your deep consideration:

1) Positive attitudes create positive people. I'm not talking about simplistic, useless affirmations either.

Look, I used to be really depressed. Funny how my perception of the world seemed to bring me those people and events that strengthened my not-positive beliefs and attitudes.

What changed my life is I discovered that if I changed the way I looked at things, the things I looked at changed.

2) A positive thought is the seed of a positive result. Makes sense when you look at trees, flowers, plants and other things that actually grow because of essentially invisible forces.

Where do weeds come from? Seeds. Where do our emotional fruits come from? Seeds of thought, belief and attitude.

What is planted in your mind?

Life will always hand us challenges (problems). Therefore, it is really important to remember this 3rd idea: The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity and the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

What/who are you choosing to be today?

Based on my research both personal and professional, I can assure you from empirical evidence that it is possible to get more clients by magnetizing your mind and increasing your prosperity consciousness.

If you tell this to your friends, they may cynically laugh and say: "That sounds like meta-physical nonsense."

But consider this: What results are they getting in their life? Study successful people. Avoid advice from those who just want company. (What does misery love?)

There was a period of time in my life when I was deeply, deeply in debt, I was given notice of job termination and my prospects were bleak at best.

Using the methods and principles I have studied for over 20 years, I managed to go from broke in all ways to keeping my job and earning $76,000 in 6 months.

I magnetized clients and increased my prosperity consciousness. Call me if you want more amazing details because I am still blown away when I think about how bad things were and then how good they became.

Let's summarize this first of 7 Success Factors: If you need better results in your personal and professional life then there are two things you need to look at:

(1) How are magnetizing results in your life? (Utilizing invisible forces that are inherent to every living thing?) Chances are, if your results are not positive, then your use of these forces could use some modifying.

(2) Increasing prosperity consciousness is much more than an interesting idea. It is a reality. Either a person has a prosperity consciousness or they do not.

What can you do? Most importantly, begin keeping track (mentally or on paper) of your self-talk. If you listen closely, you may hear not-so-helpful inner chatter that could use some modifying.

Specifically, every time you verbally abuse yourself, write it down. You will be amazed. And no, don't beat yourself up over it either! Do your best to talk to yourself as a good friend might. I had a client in a recent weight loss class who had used this technique and she lost 40 pounds of weight without a diet.

In Summary: If your business and/or personal results are not everything you want them to be, you'll find that this self-talk is de-magnetizing you and increasing your anti-prosperity consciousness. (Emotional, physical and financial consciousness.)

Small changes can make a big difference. Try out the above recommendations for a few weeks.

Until next time, speak gently to yourself because your deep mind really is listening.


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