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OCD and Hypnosis: An 'Essentials Video' for Every Healer

Past Live & Safe Places: A Journey To Forbidden Lands.

10 Success Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss: An Instant Seminar KitTM Live Demonstration!


NLP & Hypnosis: Volumes 1&2---Discover Methods To Powerfully

Enhance Your Healing Skills!


Emergency Hypnosis: Learn How To Successfully

P.A.N.I.C.TM In Any Emergency Situation!

The 10 Steps To Controlling Diabetes: An Instant Seminar KitTM Live Demonstration!


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All Products--Audio/Video Instructional and Self-Help

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Why invest in an instructional audio or video program? Because, many times after attending a seminar, much of the valuable information is forgotten.  With our programs, you can discover yourself and your skills unconsciously improving after reviewing them 2, 3 or more times while you are also getting much more for your money.



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If you ordering from overseas please note that videos are sold only in American NTSC format.


Past Live & Safe Places: A Journey To Forbidden Lands.

An essential instructional video for every hypnotist. This live session demonstrates some of the most powerful NLP and hypnosis techniques available. If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced hypnotist there is powerful information here for you! This moving session demonstrates how to change a client’s deep fear and mistrust of her experience of not 1, but 3 past lives she spontaneously experienced during a previous session!

What You Will Get:

  • An NLP belief changing demonstration used with a client who had a profound fear of past lives that she spontaneously experienced during a session. 

  • A Calm Conditioning Technique that is very successful in helping clients remain calm and relaxed in stressful situations.
  • A live demonstration of a Confusion Induction that produced an instant, eyes open deep trance.
  • How to embed in the clients’ unconscious a Generative Metaphor creating change.
  • Witness a clear example of a client experiencing insight and thus achieving change.
  • An opportunity to see a great many more powerful hypnosis & NLP techniques used in one session!

Approximate Time: 60 minutes  

Price: $39.95

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10 Success Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss

An Instant Seminar KitTM Live Demonstration!

What is one of the biggest challenges facing most hypnotists? Lasting success for their weight loss clients.

Imagine the referrals you will get from those clients who succeed over the long term! This intense and fast moving live seminar will show you many powerful techniques and little known methods that can make a crucial difference in your client’s happiness and your bank balance.

Why invest in this advanced training program? Because you will receive:

  • A 3-in-1 Video Clearly Showing You How To:

(1) Easily conduct a powerful seminar on weight loss.

(2) Effortlessly Create Custom Scripts giving you the ability to easily change your client’s mind and

(3) Exactly deliver waking hypnosis suggestions for maximum impact and effect.

  • An incredibly powerful but little known technique for virtually guaranteeing referrals from any audience.
  • A live demonstration with a volunteer who had never been hypnotized before showing how to easily induce somnambulism and achieve glove anesthesia!
  • A demonstration of many NLP language patterns and hypnosis techniques for easily by-passing resistance.
  • Many More Valuable Techniques Demonstrated during this unique, must see, 1 1/2 hour seminar.

Approximate Time: 90 minutes.

Price: $49.95

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NLP &Hypnosis Professional Education Series

NLP & Hypnosis: Volumes 1&2

Discover Methods To Powerfully Enhance Your Healing Skills!


This professional series is especially valuable because the more you watch it, the more you will notice and then naturally utilize the techniques demonstrated--many of which are hidden. In many instances,the presenter is using advanced persuasion methods that are not outlined to the class. To explain every one of them was just not possible within the allowed time frame for the seminar. Some of the concealed tools include several different NLP language patterns, embedded commands, multi-framework presuppositions, the New Behavior Generator and much more.

Think about how as you can create within yourself those abilities to more profoundly help your clients, you can also find yourself receiving an equal or greater benefit.

This two video set is valuable because knowledge is power. Many of today’s leading experts agree that the most valuable commodity in the 21st century is information. Think of how much better you can feel as you increase your value and your income by using these leading communications skills that have been proven to help people more effectively improve their lives.

Part One

Summary: This first covers the fundamentals of NLP and hypnosis influence skills. Even though most experts know they need to review those skills that made them successful, others who may be a beginner or intermediate persuasion specialist will find this information just as valuable.


This first video tape is an overview of NLP and clear and easy to understand strategies of persuasion to produce powerful healing results for you and your client.

You Will Discover: As you begin to watch this video a fresh and uncomplicated description of what NLP is and how it can help you achieve positive change.

You Will Feel: A sense of excitement while watching this video because you are learning how to realistically and dramatically improve your hypnotic healing talents.

You Will Know: After watching this video set that you possess a heightened ability to create effective and clear change in your clients!

Increase your skills by learning the most effective methods available.

Approximate Time: 2 Hours

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Part Two:

Summary: In this case, more is better. Much better. The more you know, the better and more valuable you are. This 2nd video features advanced hypnosis techniques along with the applications of several key NLP fundamentals. The demonstrations are highly educational as well as exciting and by themselves are the subject of an all day seminar.


Part Two shows you how to effectively L.I.S.T.E.N. to your client so you can easily supercharge your intake and begin the healing process immediately. This is followed by dramatic demonstrations of

effective and easy to use inductions.

You Will Discover: As you begin to watch this video, the 6 elements necessary to transform your intake process and produce immediate results.

You Will Feel: A sense of mastery while watching this video because you are able to see yourself enoying your new skills.

You Will Know: After watching exciting live demonstrations of rapid and instant inductions, how to easily produce somnambulism and create analgesia.

Increase your skills by learning the most effective methods available.


Part Two Approximate Time: 1˝ Hours

Receive 3˝ hours of top-notch skills coaching.

Price: $99.95

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Emergency Hypnosis: Learn How To Successfully P.A.N.I.C.TM

In Any Emergency Situation!

Avoid the pain of saying "If only I had been able to do something!" There is no cure for regret. There is only the endless replaying of what could have been but wasn’t. Many people will freeze and perhaps make a fatal error in an emergency event simply because they have been unconsciously convinced (hypnotized) into thinking they have no abilities when it comes to an urgent situation.

Can you imagine how grateful someone would be to you if you taught them these skills and they used them? How much would they want to give you for being able to make a critical difference in their own life or the life of someone they love? What would it mean to you? Think about an EMT, paramedic, fireman or policeman using these techniques. What kind of a difference can that make in a person’s life? Teach these methods as a free public service to our life-saving professionals and you will discover enormous, unforeseen benefits.

The bottom line is that these skills are not just a good idea. They are a necessity. The greatest wealth is health.

Protect yours and profit by helping others to protect theirs now.

So why not increase your skills by being prepared? In today’s world, the likelihood of being confronted with an emergency situation is much greater and so is your need for a trained, life-saving response.

This entertaining and highly informative seminar was presented by Christopher Devin Hastings before a group of professional hypnotists in October of 1997. The value of this video is increased by the audience participating with their own moving and sometimes humorous testimonials.

You Will Discover: An easy to remember and simple to use, powerful 5 Step process giving you the tools to use in any high tension situation.

You Will Feel: A true sense of confidence and excitement as you realize you have in your hands and mind a new way to use your healing skills.

You Will Know: You are more prepared and better able to deal with any emergency.

Approximate Time: 2 hours

Price: $49.95

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The 10 Steps To Controlling Diabetes: 

An Instant Seminar Kit TM Live Demonstration!


The ultimate value to any person is their life and what happens with it. Diabetes is a disease that viciously takes away much of the worth of many people’s lives. Help a person to keep or regain some or all of their worth and you have given them the most valuable gift in the world.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. However, once a diabetic has gone blind or suffered other terrible consequences, there is virtually no chance of a recovery. Many diabetics know what they should do to manage their disease, but most do not know how. This video is not covering information that most diabetic patients have already heard and feel guilty about not acting on. Instead, this passionate, live seminar is giving you the tools to help persons with diabetes and other chronic illnesses, to overcome their greatest enemy: Hidden Melancholy also know as Insidious Discouragement. As Robert Burton so well stated: "If there be hell upon earth, it is to be found in the melancholy man’s heart."

My own mother lost her vision and then her life due to diabetes . Therefore, please understand that the power of this seminar and everything in it comes from deep in my being. The heart-rending truth is that most, if not all diabetic complications are unnecessary, avoidable results. I personally suffered a dramatic loss in my vision until I, myself, used the techniques given to you in this seminar.

You can make a huge difference in someone’s life and not just the one suffering directly from diabetes but for their family as well.

Why Own This Video?

Because, this live seminar will show you how to:

  • Detect symptoms of impending, dangerous medical conditions in clients who appear to not be at risk.
  • Elicit a person’s post-hypnotic suggestions that have been driving their behavior for years.
  • Break the limiting paradigm that traps many people with diabetes and other chronic illnesses.
  • Deliver Strong Covert Reframing Suggestions as well as how to anchor influential metaphors thereby creating immediate signs of change.
  • Avoid cleverly hidden, but very real, legal dangers that can easily expose you to being sued for negligence.
  • How to deliver absolutely unstoppable suggestions causing your client to give you the exact information needed to help them achieve the results they want.
  • Utilize several NLP techniques including little known uses of Nested Loop Inductions, Pacing and Leading Temporal Ambiguities coupled with double binds causing your suggestions to sink deep into your clients unconscious.
  • Most Importantly, Install Hope In Those Who Need It.

Approximate Time: 2 Hours

Price: $49.95

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OCD and Hypnosis


What is OCD?  Can hypnosis really have an effect?

Are there answers for those who suffer in silence? 


Is OCD related to Tourettes’ Syndrome?


In this seminar you will receive answers to these questions as well as invaluable training on how to compassionately and effectively understand the OCD individual. 


There are millions of people whose valuable lives are spent each day dealing with this emotionally crippling condition.  Don’t miss this rare and valuable seminar on how to assist them in changing their lives for the better. 


Approximate Time: 1 hour


Price: $39.95


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