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What Every Hypnotist Needs To Know...but is afraid to!

by C. Devin Hastings


Sex. That one word conjures up so many big… well, ideas. There are many other words just as powerful and, probably more important but, not as exciting.

Healer for instance. That word too, brings to mind many ideas as well. Selfless is one idea that may occur to many. The (seemingly reasonable) point is that healers are supposed to be more concerned about others than themselves. They're supposed to be selfless.

Of course many people now will assert that's not true. "Hey! We're enlightened now and we know that healers have needs too!" But, take a moment and look in your heart. Aren't doctors and nurses supposed to care about you?

Can you imagine visiting your doctor and when they walk into the semi-dead, little room you've been waiting in and they say: "Boy am I glad you're here. My son just went to jail for trafficking in illegal peanuts and I don't know what to do. Any advice?" Meanwhile you've got a bone sticking out of your skin and your eyeballs are turning purple.

The point is this: Many hypnotists have two challenges. First, because they are 'healers', they are 'good people' and good people don't need to be terribly concerned with something as dirty as money.

After all, how does that saying go…something like "Rich people are a!!holes". Not true by the way.

The second challenge hypnotist have is that a lot of them tend to suck as marketers. I know I'm being a bit blunt (a bit?) but I've got to say it straight.

I have earned the right to be blunt because in the past I have wasted a LOT of money on stupid marketing. Heck, my money was doubly wasted because I wasn't even in the place where I could have taken on success had it thrown itself in my face. I was a "Gosh, I'm not good enough to deserve success" hypnotist. I was probably right but still, I had bills to pay and, somehow I did manage to help a lot of people.

Now that I've introduced those two points, I'm going to really start being blunt.

There are certain things almost every hypnotist needs to know but is afraid to know what they already know. So, I'm here to tell you what you know.

You love to help people. Helping people helps you to help yourself. Plus, it's a great experience to see someone's life trance-formed.

You also know that you won't be able to help anyone if you go out of business.

In fact, you'll probably be in need of some 'professional friendship' if your business goes belly-up because you suck at marketing. (There he goes again…being so rude! I don't suck at marketing…I'm just not very good at it and…well..I can't pay my last newspaper advertising bill because the ad didn't bring all the clients the sales representative promised…)

So, what do hypnotists need to really know? They need honest-to-goodness, real world marketing skills so they can stay in business, help others and themselves to heal and make a good living while they're at it.

Somehow though, most of us (myself included at one time) really believe that if we're 'good enough' in our intentions then we don't need to think about something as mercenary as marketing. Marketing is like sales and that makes us feel like used-car salesman (sorry guys but your reputation does need a bit of polishing).

Look around you--think of a famous hypnotist(s). No, not the late Ormond McGill (who is like Yoda in my eyes--except the green, short part).

Think of a really famous hypnotist(s). Dick Sutphen, Paul McKenna and guys like that.

Why do so many people know who those guys are? Not because they're brilliant hypnotists. Milton Erickson was brilliant but only hypno-geeks know about him.

By the way, McKenna, Sutphen and others might be good hypnotists but I don't know. What I do know is that they wanted other people to know about them and so they marketed (and continue to market) themselves big-time.

Look, this article is going to be short but very honest. So here's a short but big point: Dreams are the 1st stage fuel for success. However, marketing to yourself and to others is an essential fuel additive for the long journey.

If you don't market successfully, you're setting yourself up for a really painful, possibly humiliating, in-your-face, reality slap.

Too many hypnotists have their dreams shredded by the words: "I just can't seem to get enough clients to survive!"

Don't be one of them. Follow the below steps if you want to help others, help yourself (if it applies to you---does to me), and make a good living:

1) Know your craft to the best of your ability. Never, ever stop learning.

2) Never be afraid to not know it all. Be a bit nervous--that'll keep you on your best behavior but avoid the paralysis of analysis---"What if I could be doing it better?" and all that. Do what you can, with what you've at the time you've been given.

3) Never be afraid of mistakes (a.k.a. failures). Act as if you can't fail and the force will be with you….most of the time. Some wise person once said: "If you want to double your success rate then double your failure rate." However, do be very afraid of being arrogant.

4) Start marketing yourself as soon you're in business and as often as possible. Don't lie! Market yourself congruently. If you're new, find something true about your more lengthy experience and tie that into what you're doing. There is always a way.

5) Avoid negative self-talk, self-criticism and resentment. Especially avoid so-called advice from those that can hurt us the most---our families. Hey, they mean well, they're just…well, they just don't know what it's like to be you. And besides, they've got their own journeys. 'Nuff said. Protect yourself.

6) Market successfully. Did I already suggest marketing? Hmmm…yep. Let this be a lesson. Marketing is the art of repeating yourself differently.

7) Avoid reinventing the wheel. Just as you use time proven hypnosis methods so also, there are proven methods of business building and marketing. Use them.

Speaking of good advice, this brings me to another point I want to be very blunt about: Sex. Never mix sex and marketing. You might mess up your ad copy.

Okay, just wanted to make sure I got your attention because what I do want to talk about is how to add to your credentials as a professional and how to learn outstanding business building/marketing skills that will bring your dreams closer than you can imagine.

The point is very simple. Take a class that will give you a professional certification and that will at the same time truly educate you on time-tested, proven marketing methods.

Also, to really get your money's worth, this professional certification/training should set you up to be able to run a separate, part-time, profitable side business if you want to. Think 'multiple streams of income'.

Now, you may be wondering, "Does such a class exist?"  Yes it does.  Elsom Eldridge, Jr., a man I am honored to call a friend as well as a mentor is offering such a class. He is also a well-known author. His book is titled: The Obvious Expert and if you haven't read it, don't wait another minute. Seriously. Get it.

Elsom is offering a 3-day workshop that is being co-taught by two other incredible people that you will be glad you met. They are experts in their crafts and they are also truly nice people.

All right. Almost done here. Please remember Zig Ziglar's words: "You can have anything in your life, if you help others get what they want."   Well, to give them what they want, they have to know you're there to help them.

So please, deeply consider the benefits to yourself and to your clients of becoming a Certified Professional Marketing Consultant.   My wife and I took the class and we were blown away by how much treasure is in that workshop. Don't miss it. Call me if you're curious. Or, go on-line and check it out now--click here to change your life.

There are so many people who need and want your healing skills. They just need to know you're there to help them.

Thanks for reading this article.

Warm Regards,

Devin Hastings


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