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If you read my article Doctor's Studies Confirm Drugless Method for Weight Loss Works, you'll see that in spite of wonderful and passionate resolutions, most people actually gain weight over the holidays---and keep it.


Also, because of stress and previous so-called 'failures', many midnight quitters end up smoking again in a very short period of time.


After a while a person tends to quietly give up.  And it hurts.


What a painful way to live, eh?  I'm familiar with it.  And it was my pain that led me to look for better answers.  And I found them. 


So, if you're willing to act in spite of fear and, if you are willing to keep taking a chance on yourself, why not invest in a weight loss or stop smoking hypnosis program? 


When a person "puts their money where their mouth is",  it's much harder to get unhealthy food or cigarettes in their mouth. 


So, if you're interested in a great weight loss program, check out The Weight Loss 6-Pack I have on sale on my weight loss site. 


Hey, if nothing else you'll find some very interesting weight loss information that is not on this site. 


To save $45.00 while turbo-charging your weight loss program, please click on:

Lose Weight for Good.


If you are a smoker and have tried everything, you haven't.  To learn why my CDs are much more effective than others, please visit the above mentioned web page and learn what makes my programs different and very effective.  (Use your back button to return to this page or bookmark it.)


Or, if you're ready to let go of the smoking habit (never 'give up' a habit--that's a sacrifice and nobody likes to do that) and you are ready to save 50% while you are letting go of the habit, then please click the following link: Stop Smoking This Time.


Thank you for allowing me become a supportive influence in your life.


Warm Regards,



"Speak gently to yourself because your deep mind is always listening."





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