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Gently used training videos at great prices

There are no copies.  These are all original products.

Most items are 50% or more cheaper than the current price you would pay.


My experience has shown me that the people who are exceptionally good in business arenít so because of what they know but because of their insatiable need to know more."---Michael Gerber

Hypnosis Training Videos By:

Gerald Kein

Don Mottin

Kevin Hogan

George Bien

Peggy Kiegley

Personal Development Videos By:

Zig Ziglar

Brian Tracy

Barbara De Angelis

Andrew Weil

Wayne Dyer

Deepak Chopra

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Why invest in training video tapes?

With video programs, you will discover that your skills and abilities can easily, unconsciously and dramatically improve.  This is because as you watch your training programs 2, 3 or more times you will hear concepts enough times that they automatically become a part of your thinking.  Also, you get to notice and incorporate what I call the 'success nuances' of the each presenter you watch.  What this means to you is that you get each presenter's unconscious recipe for success without having to invest the years of effort they did.  

Owning videos is like having a private instructor at your convenience.  The 'value for money' inherent in owning a video training program is fantastic--especially when you can save a great deal of money purchasing them.

(You should see all my books and audio programs.  Holy cow, do the credit card companies love me....)  Did I take chances on stuff?  Yup.  Was I glad I did?  You bet.  Look, if I had to do it all over again, I would.  In fact, while creating this page, I took a break and went though a catalog of stuff and bought yet more training materials.  


There are 3 factors needed to be successful and to make more money in your field: (Please click here for Marketing Success Tips.)




Gerald Kein is one of the most well known hypnotists in the world.  He is, without a doubt, one of the most dynamic teachers I have ever seen.  Not only have I put a lot! of money into owning his videos but I also attended his 7 day certification class several years ago.  I thought I knew a lot about hypnosis before taking his course but, after his class I had a whole new level of hypnosis skills.

I heartily recommend any of Gerry's stuff.  His methods are effective, easy to learn and powerful. After reviewing the list of products below you can tell I have indeed, put my money where my mouth is when it comes to endorsing his training materials. 

Gerry's videos are sold out but I believe you can still find some good deals below.  And you can also visit Gerry's website by clicking here:



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Don Mottin is an amazing person who has an incredible talent for taking scary, complicated concepts and techniques and making them approachable and user-friendly.  Don breaks subjects down into learning bites that are easily digested.  He really does a superb job at communicating information in a way that is easy to remember and use. 

Don Mottin's videos are an absolute must for any hypnotist who wants to expand their skills.  He is just too creative and talented to pass up.

Don's videos are sold out but I believe you can still find some good deals below.  You can also visit Don's site by clicking here:




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Kevin Hogan puts so much scientific research into his products that watching his material is just like taking a college level course--only a lot more fun and interesting.  Additionally, and just as importantly, Kevin is an incredible person who truly cares.  When you are ready to learn advanced knowledge that can definitely take you to the next success level, investing in Kevin Hogan's material is well worth while.  

I might also humbly add that I am featured on a number of his products and I always recommend my stuff! 

Update: Kevin's stuff has all sold.  However, be sure to visit his site because he has an amazing selection of persuasion products that are unlike any you've seen.  When you go to his site, be sure to read the articles.  Talk a great education for free! 

Click here to enjoy discovering new persuasion methods: www.kevinhogan.com


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George Bien is a great person whose skills and knowledge are truly incredible.  Learning from him is a great investment.

Roy--A Life of Failure--$25.00


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How To Be A Winner!--$25.00



The 10 Keys To Personal Power--$25.00



Everything You Were Never Taught About The Opposite Sex--$25.00


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Improve Your Life Using The Wisdom of The Ages--$25.00

How To Get What You Really, Really, Really, Really Want.--$25.00



The Way of The Wizard--$25.00



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Secrets To Making Money Now--Quick Start Strategies For Making Money Fast! --$25.00

Advanced Direct Marketing Tips, Tricks & Techniques--$25.00



180 Degree Cash Flow Turnaround Seminar--$25.00

Ed. Note: This seminar is offered primarily as a very  instructive lesson on how to conduct profitable seminars.  In no manner at all am I endorsing his financial management strategies.  In fact, before following his financial advice please click here



In Search of Angels--Exploring The Myth, Meaning and Allure of Angels.--$25.00  

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS--Please read completely.

1) Some programs are listed as certification programs.  Because these products are used, items such as certification do not apply.


2) Note that there is only one copy of each training program available.  Since your card is not charged when you order, if  a video you want has just been taken, no refund will be necessary because your card will not have been charged.  You will be contacted by email or phone to let you know if someone else just ordered the training program you wanted.


3) Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation is included in price of your video.  You will be notified by email when your product is mailed and what the delivery confirmation number is.


4) All products are sold "As Is".  They have all been viewed and work fine.  Please bear in mind that most of the products were created in a home recording environment so, whatever quirks exist on the tape, it is because of the original recording process.  There are no refunds or exchanges on these products.


5) All orders are processed through a secure server.


6) Purchase of any products on this page is done with your understanding and agreement to the above Terms and Conditions.


7) Please carefully read our disclosures about Shipping/Handling and Refund/Replacement policy.  (It only takes a minute.) Failing to do can lead to a delay in your order being shipped.


8) If you ordering from overseas there are two important points:

      (1) It is very important that you read our Shipping/Handling and Refund/Replacement policies.  

      (2) Videos are sold only in American NTSC format.

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