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The Dangers and The Lies Revealed!

Do NOT read this eye-opening report unless you’re prepared for the truth.

“You want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth!”

From the movie, “A Few Good Hypnotists”


Actual Quotes:

- “Hypnosis steals your mind!”  

- “A hypnotist will make you bark like a dog and quack like a duck!”

- “Hypnotists have put store clerks under their spell and stolen from them.”

- “Hypnosis is against the bible because it is the Devil’s Tool.  It’s worse than using a Ouija board.”

- “Do NOT see a hypnotist because he’ll take control of your mind and make you do embarrassing things.”


Yes, it’s true.  People have said these things and they completely believe them.  It must be because they have actually seen the things they attest to knowing as certain fact.  And, most likely they believe these things because their doctors and other trusted professionals have said so.


The shocking truth is this: Hypnosis can do much more than most people even suspect!  Medical Doctors, Ministers and many others have given a tremendous, unbelievable amount of testimony concerning the power of hypnosis – but, until now, few have ever seen what truly educated professionals have known for hundreds of years.


Expert Testimony About Hypnosis:

- Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, author of several books, is a United Methodist minister and a retired U.S. Army Brigadier General.  Chaplain Durbin also served as Director of Pastoral Care at Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana from 1976 to 2001 and what he says about hypnosis may disturb you greatly.  He states: “I have used hypnosis very effectively in my private, personal life (with self-hypnosis) and in my professional life as a tool to help people overcome unwanted habits, fears or phobias; reduce or eliminate pain and enhance healing; to reduce the harmful effects of stress and to help people in many other ways.”


- The book, 21st Century Medicine: Clinical Evidence For The Healing Power of The Mind, presents astonishing clinical testimony from over one hundred M.D.’s and Ph.D.’s who have helped thousands of people with serious conditions ranging from allergies, asthma, arthritis, cancer, depression all the way to weight loss.


In total, 50 different serious conditions are discussed in relation to how hypnosis (the power of a person’s mind) has been proven to help them to change in remarkable ways.  This brings us to the question:


What Is Hypnosis?  Ask a friend: “What is hypnosis?”  “Would you ever use it?”


Then ask them: “How do you know what it is?  How did you learn that?  From who and/or where?” 


The truth is this: Most people have learned about hypnosis either from TV (the great truth-teller, right?) or their friends/relatives/acquaintances.  These people are either against hypnosis because they are “educationally underfunded” or they approve of hypnosis because they or someone they know have safely quit smoking, lost weight, eliminated anxiety, gotten rid of warts and much more.


So what is hypnosis?  It is your God given power to convince yourself of anything – good or bad (think free will).  A hypnotist is simply a coach who has received unique training giving them a skill with words to help you convince yourself of ideas that serve your health, happiness and well-being.  Clinical evidence absolutely attests to this definition.


What this truth about hypnosis leads to is a greater truth: Since hypnosis is your power then what this really means is that all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis and this means a hypnotist has no power over you.  Hence they can’t make you do anything embarrassing or injurious to yourself or anyone else.  So forget ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ idea of a hypnotist making someone their robot to go out and do their evil bidding. 


“But what about hypnosis stage shows?  Look at what people do there.  They’re under the hypnotist’s spell.”

No they are not.  Consider this: If a hypnotist really and truly could ‘make’ people do what they do on stage, then why on earth do we need jails??  It would be far more lucrative (and easier) for a hypnotist to empty jails than do stage shows.  Stage shows, either live or on TV work only because of ‘the cooperation principle’.  The volunteers agree to do what the stage hypnotist asks them to do.  The volunteers who agree to cooperate but don’t are always asked to leave the stage so that the only people left are those who are willing to have fun.


“Can a hypnotist harm me?”  I repeat: NO.  Well, okay yes.  But only if, while you are in trance, they trip and fall on you.  There is zero, I repeat, zero legal or otherwise good (not anecdotal) evidence attesting to any harm done by hypnosis itself as administered by a hypnotist.  Can a person hypnotize themselves into a harmful belief?  Yep.  Happens all the time.  This is known as the “nocebo effect”.  Truth be told, a trained hypnotist is the best person qualified to help someone get rid of a nocebo effect.


A Christian friend of mine once told me: “Devin, if I was the Devil and I wanted to keep you away from something that could bring you closer to God, I would make you irrationally afraid of it.  And I’m afraid that’s what happened to hypnosis because when you think about what it really is, it is a powerful expression of free will given to us by God and yet we are frightened into not using it.  What a tragedy.”


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis which is simply your ability to convince yourself of any belief – healthy or harmful.  And, because of how we were created, a belief always expresses itself through our body and our behavior.  Want proof?  Look at the clinical evidence concerning hypnosis. 


Listen To The Experts: David Cheek, M.D., writes: "We can do more harm with ignorance of hypnotism than we could ever do by using hypnosis and suggestion constructively"


Andre M. Weitzenhoffer, Ph.D., states: "As far as it is known today, hypnosis per se is no more dangerous than natural sleep. There is no evidence that hypnosis in itself weakens the will, damages the nervous system or in any way adversely affects the physical or mental well being of individuals."


Feel free to enjoy learning from the following websites:


www.MIACS.NET  (hypnosis/NLP school site)



This report is copyrighted 2009 by The Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communications Skills, LLC.  All Rights Are Reserved.

It was written by Devin Hastings, author and international speaker on how to positively harness the power of one’s mind. 


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