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                                                          Diabetes and Hypnosis--Part Two

       By C. Devin Hastings, hypnotist and diabetic












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(Missed the first article? Diabetes and Hypnosis--Part One)


Please note the information given in these articles is for general purposes only.

It is not intended as medical advice.

Always consult with your doctor before making any changes.

In the first article on hypnosis and diabetes, we briefly covered what the most likely emotions are for a person who has been diagnosed with diabetes. Also covered were a couple of fundamental and powerful techniques any hypnosis practitioner can responsibly use to help any person with diabetes---provided they have a physician’s approval.

In this article we will talk about: (1) Why diabetes is a preventable epidemic (2) Very important facts about obesity and its relation to diabetes plus a valuable marketing tip (3) What’s coming in the next article.

As was stated in the first article, diabetes is a largely preventable epidemic. This is so because most diabetics are obese. Obesity is preventable. Here is an interesting fact: approximately 90% of all persons with diabetes are overweight.

It is a clinically proven fact that if a person reduces their weight to healthy levels, then the chances are very good that the diabetic symptoms will melt away along with the fat. Look at the facts concerning how most Type 2 diabetes gets started:

"Overeating and obesity trigger increased insulin secretion from the pancreas, resulting in the additional storage of fat in the tissues. As weight and insulin secretion go up, the body eventually develops a resistance to the effects of insulin, and diabetes occurs." (page 21) A Diabetic Doctor Looks at Diabetes: His and Yours by Peter A. Lodewick, M.D.

I want to strongly emphasize that your impact as a healer can be tremendous simply by helping people to permanently and safely get rid of excess weight. However, there is one very important thing you must remember: Obese persons not diagnosed with diabetes are still good candidates to have insulin/blood sugar issues.

Therefore, even in the area of weight loss, I strongly recommend that you advise your extremely overweight client to get a thorough physical that includes screening for diabetes before treating them. I advise this for two reasons:

(1) A person who is obese may have significant health issues other than diabetes. It is vital to the safety of your client and your practice that any other health issues are properly addressed.

(2) If your client loses lots of weight quickly, there is a chance that they may have blood sugar swings. If they experience a low blood sugar and possibly pass out and any kind of accident occurs, not only is the client injured but also a lawyer can easily make a hypnotist lunch.

Also, if your client does experience blood sugar variations as a result of weight loss, they must be prepared for this so that they do not become discouraged and give up. Ask any diabetic how terrible a low blood sugar feels.

If your weight loss client does experience a low blood sugar feeling, the first thing an unprepared person does is to eat because it provides temporary relief. The problem is that usually a person will eat way too much. Normally a 4 ounce glass of orange juice is more than sufficient to stop a low blood sugar. Note well the following clinically documented observation:

"If you are overweight or tend to gain weight easily and are also addicted to carbohydrates, it is vital for you to understand that your body responds differently to high-carbohydrate foods than do the bodies of those who do not exhibit these tendencies. It is your body’s response to these foods, especially when they are eaten frequently, that leads to the excess release of insulin that may be keeping you on a weight-loss merry-go-round." (pages 72-73)) The Carbohydrate Addict’s Healthy Heart Program by Doctors Heller, Heller and Vagnini

This means that even if your client has not been diagnosed with diabetes, their body may have an inappropriate response to high carbohydrate foods. Therefore, even a bagel may cause them to suddenly release too much insulin leading to a low blood sugar. Instinctively then, the client reaches for food to feel better. This is a vicious cycle. Or, if the client refuses to give in to their ‘food craving’ then a low blood sugar can lead to possibly dangerous consequences.

Key to understanding the preceding is knowing what insulin is and what it does. Insulin is produced in the beta cells of the pancreas. It is a very powerful hormone that the body uses to control the use, distribution and storage of energy.

In this case, think of energy as sugar. Another way to remember insulin’s function is to think of it as a ‘key’. This key opens the doors to the cells in order for sugar to be transported out of the blood into a cell where the sugar is then used for energy. This is why ‘blood sugar’ levels are so important. If they are too high or low, it is dangerous

By the way, a posthypnotic suggestion you can help your client to get rid of is the urban legend about how a candy bar can give someone a boost of energy. I’m sure some readers will recall commercials advertising how a sweet snack can give someone an energy lift.

If a person needs energy, more sleep is a safer and more effective alternative. In a future article you will learn the documented evidence about how good sleep is a key component to helping a person with diabetes.

In the next article you will have the opportunity to learn about: (1) Simplified definitions of diabetes, insulin and insulin resistance (2) Types of diabetes (3) An easy to remember way to begin helping the diabetic (4) A marketing approach that is fast and effective (5) What is coming in the next article

Diabetes and Hypnosis-- Part Three


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