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                                                       Devin Hastings Testimonials - Part 2

Anxiety/OCD Reduction Workshop testimonial

Cognitive  Behavioral Coach certification workshop testimonials

"Hi Devin! I just wanted to happily report that I have experienced very little morning sickness since meeting with you on Monday. I dont remember everything you said when you hypnotized me so I dont know if you said anything specifically about feeling sick,  but if you did, it totally worked!  I am deeply grateful for your help and just wanted to thank you again!

Warmest Regards,
Melanie Razo"

April 17, 2014


"I highly recommend Devin Hastings and his seminars.

After 20 years in sales, I have attended multiple seminars across the US. Devin brings fresh perspective and finds ways to reach each person in the class, as well as help them attain information and tools to fit their specific needs.

I attended the (NLP certification) seminar to invest in my career- I left with effective business tools and a better understanding of myself.

I know you have many training options - Devin Hastings assures you leave his seminars saying "money well spent". 

Shawn Diddy"

May 30, 2013

Email received on 3/12/13 from client:

"Good evening Devin,

 I saw you in early January (2013).  When I saw you I was in a miserable place and since then so much has turned around and just continues to get better!  I would love to see you again to help keep this momentum going!"  - J.B.

Just so you know......This amazing client came in as a volunteer for my August, 2013 hypnosis class to get a "tune up".  She told the class stuff about her personal changes that she hadn't told me and they were mind blowing.  It is incredible what our clients are capable of accomplishing.


"Hi Devin.

I attended your class last August (at the NGH 2013 convention) on the Immune System. It was one of the highlights of my week. I really loved it." -
Wanda C.


In June 2012, I taught my Cognitive Behavioral Coach certification at a wonderful facility in Mercer Island, Washington.  My deepest thanks to the hosts and students.  You are wonderful.

The students were gifted and their comments about the workshop were a gift to me.  To see what they wrote, click here.

Below their comments are the evaluations from students in England for the same workshop.


Had an amazing time teaching just outside of Houston, Texas in January of 2012.  To the students there I say: "Thank you!  You made it great!"

I taught my MindBody Coach certification and my Diabetes Motivational Coach(TM) workshops to a wonderful group of people.

Below is a comment from Marty Lerman, Ph.D., the incredibly gifted and generous owner of Allied Hypnosis which is a division of Allied Mental Health Services. 

"Devin - You are spectacular! The 5 days you spent with Allied Hypnosis teaching and training were amazingly brilliant and just what we needed.

On Monday we were contacted by the local NBC affiliate here in Houston and invited to participate in their annual New Year Health Expo.

With great excitement and pride we ordered our new Diabetes Motivational Coaching banner and fact sheets.

This Saturday we will be greeting 7,000 - 10,000 people coming through the convention center doors, along with every physician, medical clinic and hospital also attending as participants.

What an ironic follow up to you being here. Again, many thanks. Please feel free to add this to your long list of testimonials.

Doc Marty


Below are just a few of the many great comments given by attendees of Devin's Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certification workshop which was given in beautiful Wokingham, England on November 26/27, 2011.  (Seattle workshop student testimonials on a different website - click here to see them.)

(Workshop venue in below left picture and students below right.  Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)



Venue for Devin Hastings' Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certification      A wonderful group of British students for Devin's Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certification


"Dear Devin,


Trust you are back safely amongst your lovely family again!


I like all the others, really appreciated all the time and effort you gave to us over the weekend.


There is so much information to use in so many situations, making it such a useful course for us.  You are the best!





"Devin, the course was absolutely fantastic! You were brilliant. I've used the techniques about 6 or 7 times this week and every occasion they worked a treat! Thanks a million. :{)




Student Evaluations Summary - 21 Submitted


Scale is 1 to 5.  1 = poor, 2 = below average, 3 = acceptable, 4 = good, 5 = exceptional


"How would you rate the presentation content?"  13 at 5 and 8 at 4


"How was the general presentation?"                    13 at 5 and 8 at 4


"How well did the presentation meet with your expectations?"  15 at 5, 4 at 4, 2 at 3


"Would you recommend having Devin back?"


20 said yes and one said maybe, not sure. 


Below are some responses to the above question:




"Yes - Inspirational in so many ways."


"Absolutely - Devin was awesome!  World class ++++  Learned so much!"


"Devin Hastings was one of the most appreciated presenters at this year's (2011) National Guild of Hypnotists Convention."


Below are some more comments from people who attended his seminars at the 2011 NGH convention:


“Great job, funny and informative; outstanding; was inspiring, the teacher energetic and motivating.”


“Clear, explicit techniques and articulate presentations; stimulating and informative; practical information; very well prepared, speaker thoroughly knew his material and presentation was stimulating with humor; funny, informative, fascinating”


“Great program; very cool experience, great presentation; well done, great human; upbeat, dynamic and great group trance session”



From a 2011 NGH Conference attendee who emailed me with the following:



i just wanted to drop a note to say i REALLY REALLY enjoyed meeting you and listening to you present.   it wasn't that you had a specific technique or any magic bullet, it was simply YOU.  and i kinda feel bad saying that because i know you worked hours to craft your presentations and put in the right words and all that....  and i did take away a lot of quotes from your work.   but even when you were just at the table, i really really enjoyed who you are and how open you are.

you are a presenter that i will very specifically seek out next year 


warmest regards




And from a Learning Strategies 2011 MindFest Attendee:


“Hi Devon...I have been listening to NLP Mindfest and found YOU to be the greatest for me! Since I have no form of diabetes, I almost skipped your presentation.  Fancy that! So helpful in many ways.”


"Devin has a true gift. I came to him hoping to find relief from my anxiety related to chemotherapy. In the very first session, he provided me with a remarkable relaxation technique and a tape of the experience to take home with me. I have been using it to calm myself every day. Not only did my anxiety and nausea decrease in intensity, I find that other areas of my life are also positively affected. I gratefully recommend his services to you."

Elizabeth C. Minneapolis, MN


Received 7-19-2011 from an Australian conference attendee: 

"Hi Devin,

I recently attended the “Farewell Conference” of the Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists in Melbourne Australia.

Since the conference I have been meaning to email (I know, I know, better late than never!) and say Thank you for such a fabulous couple of sessions. You were awesome, insightful, intelligent, funny and wholly inspiring.

Your presentations were easily the highlight of the weekend and made the whole weekend totally worthwhile. It was great to see in real life many of the techniques I have read about, so skillfully applied.

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Australia (and arrived home safely) and if you do ever come back to present at another event please do keep me on the mailing list as I would really like to see/hear/experience your teaching again.

Yours sincerely,
Caroline L."


"Hi Devin, 

"Thank you so much for getting in touch. The pleasure in the meeting was all mine. I'd heard such great reports of your skills that I was very keen to see your seminar. I was not disappointed. I've always said that it is worth the price of any training session, seminar or convention to learn something new from an expert. You were worth the entrance fee on your own."

Wayne C., England--APHP convention attendee


"I have known Devin Hastings for quite some time. It is my honor to give him my highest recommendation to you as a hypnotherapist. His skills place him in the top 1% in his field. 


He is a brilliant public speaker and a talented man whose insights into the human heart and mind are enviable. Devin is outstanding at sharing ideas, making them understandable and easy to learn. I give him my highest recommendation to any school or facility that can bring Devin in to teach or train for them.  


My recommendation comes without reservation. Please feel free to call me with any question you may have."


Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.


Author: The Psychology of Persuasion, Life By Design and Talk Your Way To The Top and many more great books


Read at an American Cancer Society Fundraiser:

"Christopher Devin Hastings has been practicing hypnosis since 1982 and is certified by one of the most well known schools in the United States. As well as being a certified Fitness Instructor, Mr. Hastings has had extensive training in the application of vitamin supplement therapy. As a licensed Massage Therapist he has very successfully combined hypnosis with massage therapy to produce powerful healing results. Besides being a certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, which is the world's largest and oldest organization of its kind, Mr. Hastings is a certified instructor of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is a revolutionary psychological approach to making lasting behavioral changes in an extremely rapid manner."


Top of Page

"Devin Hastings is one of the most capable hypnotherapists I have known. He is competent and very effective. His approach is unique and powerful."

Dr. William D. Horton, President, The national Federation of Neurolinguistic Programmers.  www.nfnlp.com


"Hypnosis has changed my life. My friends and family have noticed a big change in me. I have never felt better!"

Susan W. Windemere, FL


My daughter had a real fear of thunder and lightening storms. After one session she was sitting out on the porch during a thunder storm waiting for her friends!"

Tony B. Clermont, FL

Top of Page



"I stuttered so bad I couldn't talk to girls in my high school. After Mr. Hastings helped me I was able to date a girl I had wanted to talk to for a long time"

Adil B. Orlando, FL


"Mr. Hastings had to come to my house for the first 2 sessions because I couldn't walk due to the pain. The third session I made it up to his 3rd floor office!"

    Nancy R. Orlando, FL



"I stopped smoking after the 1st session!"

Shirley L. Orlando, FL

Top of Page


“Hi Devin,

We met last year when you came to the UK to do your weight loss/depression weekend with Kevin Still - funnily enough I am now using one the techniques you taught us on a regular basis with great success.   Different to my usual style but I am enjoying putting these techniques into use.

 Warm Regards,

Catherine Stott BSc, DHP, LAPHP



"I am impressed with Devin both professionally and personally. He is an outstanding presenter."

Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D. Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital, New Orleans, La.

(Please visit Paul's site for more excellent, thought provoking  information!)



"From over 200 presenters each year at the NGH convention, Devin Hastings has consistently ranked among the top in his ability to present information in a truly interesting and lively manner."

Elsom Eldridge, Jr. Business Consultant & Author

Top of Page


"Dear Mr. Hastings,

I received numerous positive comments from the telecommunicators about the class. Comments such as ‘the best training they have ever had’ and ‘it not only helped me professionally, but personally’ are a a true indication of the the high quality of materials and discussion you presented. They are already asking when you can return."

Sincerely, C.W. "Charlie" Croft, Osceola County Sheriff



"Dear Devin,

Thank you for your recent presentation to the Better Business Bureau staff. You not only helped us gain the insight needed to make positive change happen, you gave us the tools and courage to try. I know each one of us came away with techniques to enrich and enhance our professional and personal lives."

Judy Pepper, President, BBB of Central Florida, Inc.



"Devin is one of the best speakers we have ever presented at TLC. He is powerfully inspiring, sincere, helpful, and kind. All of the employees rave about him and the information that he delivers. We at AT&T’s TLC feel that you will most pleased with the wonderful seminars filled with the vast knowledge of Devin."

Diana Maves, Account Manager--AT&T Total Life Concept



Dear Devin, You were a big hit at our West Orange Relay For Life! Everyone loved your presentation. I wish we had more time for you on stage. We raised $136,000.00+ at West Orange--thank you fore your support. I hope you will consider coming again next year.

Charisse May, TheAmerican Cancer Society

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Steven Haas, (colleague)

Lead Strategist/Rainmaker, The Enterprise Development Group worked directly with you

“I’ve known Devin Hastings for over ten years now and he truly has “THE KNACK”… On a personal level, he’s been an incredible friend and sounding board – he’s always willing to listen and he’s always able to help me eliminate the “mind-junk” that we all seem to have in our way. On a professional level, it’s always an honor to co-present with Devin and you can ALWAYS count on him to “break the pattern”. Time and time again, he’s been able to re-energize the entire audience and send our participants home with new insights and new strategies that have helped them improve their lives. If you're in search of a true professional who can help you get some extraordinary results from a group of ordinary people – Devin is the man who can!” September 13, 2009


Marilyn Penn

Marilyn hired you as a Hypnotherapist in 2006 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“When I first met Devin I was a student in a class he taught: Hypnosis for Diabetis. I was so impressed with his deep compassion and caring as well as his thorough knowledge of the subject. He was able to connect at a deep level with his clients and help them to begin the changes they needed. I asked him to work with my grandson who had had some difficult issues in his life. He is much happier and more succesful in all his endeavors. Devin engendered trust and did not disappoint. He's one of the very best in the field!!! Marilyn Penn BM, CCHt.” October 20, 2009


Megan Titcomb

Megan hired you as an Teacher in 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Devin Hastings is an extraordinary teacher with an incredible gift for engaging his students in the course material. I highly recommend Devin and the Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills for anyone interested in enhancing their education and changing their life with a Mind-Body program.” January 26, 2011


Lori Bestler-CH NLP

Lori hired you as a Teacher in 2009 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Desiring to help my coaching clients at a much deeper and longer lasting level I decided to take become certified as a Consulting Hypnotist and NLP. I researched instructors and found Devin to be highly recommended. After taking both certifications through MIAC and Devin, I learned skills that help me help my clients in remarkable ways. Devin is a caring top shelf instructor who seriously knows his stuff and teaches what works best. No dull learning in his class and the interactive activities were superb. Without a doubt Devin gives above and beyond what is expected to help his students excel. Lori Bestler www.mindscapesunlimited.com” November 13, 2009



Tiffany Oddo

Tiffany hired you as a Instructor and Hypnotist in 2010 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

“Devin is one of the most authentic, caring, compassionate, and skilled teacher and coach. I have recommended all of my colleagues to be trained by him. I have a significant amount of education and have been trained by some of the world's best trainers including Jack Canfield and Devin Hastings is of the highest caliber of instructors, authors, and coaches. You are guaranteed to experience amazing results working with him in any capacity.” February 22, 2011



Craig Lang

Certified Hypnotherapist, Craig R. Lang MS CHt (colleague)
worked with you

“Devin is a superb instructor and gifted hypnotherapist. I have personally hired him as a therapist, and learned from his as an instrutor and mentor. In my view, Devin is among the best in the business. If you have any additional questions, or want to learn more about Devin, please feel free to contact me through my website at www.craigrlang.com.” October 10, 2007


Jefferson Petty

Jefferson hired you as a Life Coach in 2001

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

“This year on the NINTH anniversary of my freedom from addiction to nicotine, I pause to at least mentally thank Devin Hastings for the gift of life. Through his skills as a hypnotist I was able to break free from cigarettes and to remain free. Though the word 'amazing' is overused it truly applies to Devin.” April 5, 2010


Devin Hastings Testimonials - Part 2

Anxiety/OCD Reduction Workshop testimonial


                                   "Speaking with kindness creates confidence,

      thinking with kindness creates profoundness,

      giving with kindness creates love."--Lao Tzu



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