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Allergies, Asthma and Hypnosis


“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher regard those who think alike than those who think differently.”

- Nietzsche


Virtually everybody thinks alike when it comes to allergies.  The common belief is that only medications can help a person with an allergy.


However, clinical evidence proves otherwise.


For example, in a 1964 edition of The British Medical Journal, (1:1145-1148) doctors Fry, Mason and Pearson note in that “the mere act of hypnosis alone, without any specific suggestion, produced a reduction in skin reactivity.”


In other words, just going into hypnosis can help a person to reduce allergic symptoms. 


What is hypnosis?  It is the power of a person’s mind to convince themselves of literally anything.  And once a person emotionally believes something, that belief expresses itself through that person’s behavior and body.


If you want to see an amazing amount of clinical proof about the healing power of hypnosis, you should see the book, “21st Century Medicine: Clinical Evidence For The Healing Power of The Mind”.


For example, on page 25 it states: “What is fascinating is that Dr. Kroger also notes that: “Hypnosis has been employed to prevent asthmatic attacks in individuals susceptible to certain allergens, even though skin tests remained positive”. “


Speaking of asthma and allergies, on the website, www.Depression-Hypnosis.com, there is the following very interesting story that is re-printed here with permission:


"The Production of the So-called 'Rose Cold' by Means of an Artificial Rose" This case is written by Dr. John Noland MacKenzie, a nineteenth-century Baltimore physician.  The story details how one of his patients, a 32-year old woman, experiences debilitating symptoms when exposed to a number of stimuli including the odor of hay and roses.


Her symptoms included violent coryza (watery eyes and runny nose) and severe asthma attacks accompanied by high temperatures ranging from 100 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.  Dr. Noland, suspecting there was more than pollen at work, decided to expose his patient to a rose during one visit.  Predictably, she began having a severe asthma attack within 5 minutes of exposure to the rose. 


What is truly fascinating is that the rose he used was just a beautiful paper copy of the real thing.  Dr. Noland exposed his deception to his patient and, interestingly, when she returned to his office a few days later, "she buried her nostrils in a large fragrant specimen of the genuine article and inhaled its pollen" without any of the ill effects that had plagued her for over 15 years. – End of story. 


“15 years of severe, allergic symptoms cured in a matter of minutes?  That’s impossible!” some people would huff.  Too bad for them if they want to continue to believe that. 


The truth is this: Belief powerfully controls biology - right down to our genetic expression.  Published experts testify to this fact.  Bruce Lipton, M.D., Ernest Rossi, Ph.D., Eric Kandel, M.D. and more have shown that our feeling minds deeply influence our bodies.


The ultimate point to this article is that allergies, asthma and many other serious conditions can be positively or negatively influenced by the power of the mind.  And, hypnosis has been extensively documented to help people positively use the power of their minds.


About The Author:

Devin Hastings is a published author and international speaker on the documented healing powers of the mind.  He is also president of the Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills, a premier persuasion school. 


To read more interesting and informative articles such as “NLP For Eliminating Self-Sabotage”, visit  the following websites:



www.miacs.NET (school site)



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