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(How well do 12 step programs work?  Click here to find out.)


          Dear Client,


          You are most likely wondering if you can actually be more free than you can imagine.


         Let me be very clear with you: 


         - I used  to be addicted to crack. 


        - I used  to be homeless.


       - I used  to loathe myself. 


       You. Can. Trance-Form. Your. Life.


       You can change in a positive way.  You can form a much better relationship with yourself.  You can become a

       better friend to yourself.  Absolutely.  And you can get off that addiction merry go-round.


       If you are currently in AA , this coaching can help.  If not, this coaching can help.


      The only requirement is that you show up free of the influence and be sincerely willing to change.




     - This is NOT an addiction treatment program.  This is a motivational coaching program that can powerfully

      motivate you toward a happier, healthier you with clinically documented methods for health improvement.


     - You must continue working with any medical professionals involved in your discovery of a happier, healthier you.


     -  This coaching program is NOT medical in nature.  If you have medical issues that need to be addressed this

      program is neither intended nor implied to provide any medical care or advice.


     - The coaching program being offered is NOT guaranteed to produce positive results. 


     - This coaching program is based on methods and mind technology that are clinically documented.


     Consider this: IF you keep using, what will it eventually cost you?  What will it give you? What will it take from

      you and anyone you are close to? 


     Consider investing in yourself now in a positive way that really can help. 


     The next positive step is a click away. 


      Warm regards, Devin


                          "Believe in yourself. You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face.

                 You must do that which you think you cannot do."  - Eleanor Roosevelt

Please Note: Your payment will be made to: MindBody Hypnosis

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